How To Save mobile Data On Android Device: Working trick

Sunday, 1 November 2015

How To Save mobile Data On Android Device: Working trick

Posted by Samba Siva
Android has more than 1 million applications. so installing applications will make your phone amazing. but more apps means more lag and more data. android apps will consume more mobile data on background. if you recharged 500 mb and you think, you have used all data on a week. but you have just used 300 mb. but the remaining 200 mb will be consumed by applications when they are running background. so below are the tips to save mobile data on android phone.

restrict background data

restricting background data will save mobile data. this setting will stop apps consuming background data. so you can use whole 500 mb. that means no more data will be escaped from you. to start restricting data at background. use below instructions to on background data restriction.
1. go to settings and then go to data usage.
2. click on menu and click restrict background data
3. then a popup window will appear and say set mobile data limit and then click ok. on set mobile data limit and set a mb size of limit.
5. then click on menu and then restrict background data.
6. then click on ok. then you can see that in the notification bar, if you want to remove restrictions you will have to click on the notification. so use this restriction to save mobile data on android

use cm data manager

cm data manager is the best data saving application I have ever used. it will save a maximum of data. it has firewall and vpn to save mobile data. if you want to use this method to save mobile data below are some tips.
1. first download cm data manager
2. then it will ask you to agree. then check the option I agree and then click ok.
3. then use some mobile data. it will give you reports. it will say you which app is consuming more data. for example chrome is using more data. click on the app and stop the permission of mobile data by sliding the on/off button.
4. for example you denied the permission of mobile data to chrome. then chrome cannot browse or d anything and it cannot use data at all.
these are the best two methods I have used to save mobile data on my android. use this tricks to make your data 2x and a bit long lasting. hope you love this article " how to save mobile data on android " thank you and keep visiting my website.