What are Backlinks And How To Build Them Quickly

Friday, 30 October 2015

What are Backlinks And How To Build Them Quickly

Posted by Samba Siva
Are you a beginner ?

Don't know, What are backlinks ?

Seo is divided into two main divisions called On-page And Off-page Seo. On-page seo is really easy, as it only contain optimization of our webpage and can be easily done by having login access to our blog and some knowledge.

But Off-Page seo is quite different. Because, Off-page seo is nothing to do with your Blog admin dashboard. To take care of Off-page Seo, you should build backlinks, social promotion, which cannot be done inside the box. In this blog post, we are going to tell you, what are backlinks and How to build backlinks quickly ?

what are backlinks.

backlinks is the incoming links to your website. if any website links to other website there is a backlink generated. after google updates backlinks is one of the most important thing to improve the page rank. if you get more backlinks from pagerank 3 website your website will also get pr3 when google updates page rank. so I am thinking that you know the importance of a backlink. if you are begginer for blogging and seo, building backlinks is a tough task. so I have written this article. there are many backlink building techqunics but if you use them you will be considered as spam and never get a page rank in your life.

techniques you must avoid

1. Never buy backlinks

some people say they will give you high quality backlinks for $5 or $10. some people will buy them and after they came to know that backlinks are low quality backlinks and they affect page rank. they did not improve but affect your blog rankings. so never buy backlinks build them.every one knows building backlinks is not easy and a time consuming task but do it in natural way

quality is better than quantity

quality backlinks can improve the rankings where the low quality backlinks affect page rank. for example if you have 10 quality backlinks they are equal to 100 low quality backlinks. so as per google quality better than quantity.first look for high page rank sites and then build backlinks. If the page rank site not giving a backlink. Then try the other sites. First target 5-7 page rank sites.if you do not get a backlink. Then try 1-4 page rank websites.

how to build backlinks fast.

guest posting

guest posting is one of the most old technique to build backlinks. we all know that old is gold. some people say guest posting is dead but it is not true. so if you write a high quality guest post on a high page rank website. they will give you a backlink. with that backlink you can get massive traffic for your blog and you can get a high page rank to your website. But writing a high quality guest post is also time consuming. If they not approved your post, you cannot get a backlink. So try to write a big high quality seo article to get approved

commenting on do follow blogs.

commenting on do follow blogs will give you a backlink. there are many do follow blogs but they dont have a high page rank. only comment on high pr blogs to get backlinks. commenting also gives you some traffic. so if you comment without reading the post or commenting only a website link will make your comment as spam and you will never get backlink from that blog. so be careful.

create a free template

create a free template and put your blog link in that template. As you can see I am using atb template and there is a link of alltech buzz. So all tech buzz will get a backlink. if any one uses that template. you will get a backlink for free. if a big website used your template. garrentily you will get a maximum benfit from that template. this is a time consuming method. but it will give you backlinks very fast.

ask questions on forums

ask questions on forums like quora and yahoo answers and put your website link as the signature of the post. some forums may not allow you to put a link as signature. but if they allow you can build a backlinks fast.
these are the ways that I have used to build backlink fast. these are recommended white hat seo tricks. so if you are searching for a dofollow blog. you can use my blog because my blog is a dofollow blog and you can build backlinks right away.

submit your blog to blog directories.

Submitting your blog to blog directories will give you a backlink and make your site indexed fastly by google. There are many blog directories but some of them are free and some of them are paid. Paid directories will garrenty add your site in 24 hours whereas free sites can take 4 weeks to add your site and they also do verification. With submitting your blog to blog directories will also drive you some traffic. There are more than 300 blog directories but all directories have no page rank. So spend some time on best blog directories.