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Saturday, 31 October 2015

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how to speed up your android phone without task manager

how to speed up your android phone

now android system is a devolping and there are more users to android when compared to other softwares. more users means more applications. android is developed because of these applications and some of them cause problems to android phone. They will slow down your blog and then we will need to speed up your android phone. when you buy an android phone you will be very happy but, after using the android for 6 months, the android mobile will hang, freeze etc. so to speed up your android phone like before ( when you buy android first),you will have to use the below tips. Now we will see how to speed up your android phone 

using an antivirus

everyone say that every android user must have an antivirus for android. is a antivirus necessary a must have app for android. when you download apps from a third party site. your phone will get affected and this will make your android slower and slower. when you fix the virus files then your phone will run at normal or super speed. so deleting files with virus will speed up your android phone

always clear the cache

clearing the cache of apps will make your android faster. Use an app like app cache cleaner to clean the cache of your apps. Do not clear the cache of browsers and maps. Cache will make your browsing faster and take less time to load the maps. so don't clear the cache of browser and maps. But clear the cache of all apps to speed up your android mobile

make sure you do not used more internal space

using more internal space will make your phone slower. delete unnecessary apps and files on internal storage or move them to memory card. so keep your phone internal storage on limit. use es file explorer's sd card analyst to analyze the files and folders and give you a report about your phone storage and say which folder is consuming more storage. if the folder in the list is unnecessary delete the folder or files to save storage. this will make your android faster. some files in the list of es are dcim folder. this is a folder where the photos taken from your phone will be saved on this folder. so what is the junk. the thumbnails are junk. this will consume a massive space upto 100 mb easily. so delete thumbnails regularly to speed up your android phone

stop background running apps

stop apps running on background. it will make your android faster and save your battery of your mobile. always use back button only to close apps don't use minimize button. using minimize button will make an app running background and consume ram and battery. to stop running apps on android you can stop them using task manager. This is the main task to speed up your android phone
do not use live wallpapers

using live wallpapers will make your android slower and also consume battery. using a general wallpaper will make your android faster. live wallpapers will also run background to make your phone lag. so these are the best tips to make a android phone faster. visit my blog and get more tips and tricks.