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Saturday, 29 April 2017

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May 2017: Bigrock Flat 28℅ Off Discount Coupon

Bigrock is really one of the best and trusted web hosting service in India. Bigrock has good price tags on their hosting plans which really attracts beginners to get hosting from them.

In this blog post, we are here with a deal which offers you a flat 28% of on shared hosting plans.

Bigrock May 2017 coupon code

If you are in a rush or wanna pick the discount right now,

Click here to get hosting at fairly low prices.

Here are a few more details about this coupon :

Starting date: May 1, 2017
Expiry date: 31st may, 2017
Discounts: 28% off on Shared, VPS and reseller hosting and 10℅ off on domains

Why consider Bigrock ?

Here are a few great things about Bigrock which may help you in choosing whether to go with them or not 


While checking out a ghosting provider, were will check out whether they are providing good rates or not. Because we all need decent rates to save as much as we can and spend on some other things.

Bigrock really provides good rates which really attract many customers and make them mad to pick their hosting plans with them.

So Bigrock is very good and It doesn't have any hidden costs like Godaddy. Even though there is some difference between purchase cost and renewal cost, Button doesn't have hidden costs. So you can pick them without any fear, If you are willing to get hosting for cheaper rates. With this Bigrock discount coupon, you can get their products even more cheaper.


Big companies never compromise when it comes to quality. All the big hosting providers provides quality hosting for their customers. 

Bigrock also have very good reviews about their quality. I have seen nobody complaining that they provide low quality web hosting which makes our web pages load slow. So no need of worrying about your website hosted with Bigrock.

24/7 dedicated support

Bigrock provides very good online and Mobile phone support 24 hours day. Subsumed you may get busy, as many bloggers contact their support team. But Bigrock really provides a good support. If you have any issues in setting up your new website or any other technical issue, you can contact them and support team will surely help you out.

Renewal prices

Many Domain provides offers you very low cost while registering a domain and attracts you.

But, Bigrock isn't like that. The only way you can reduce rates is using coupons. 

But, Bigrock never increases rates upon renewal of a domain.

Free Email accounts

With every domain purchase, you will get 2 free E-mail accounts which you can use to make you look like a professional.

For example, if your domain ID example.com, you can create 2 fees email accounts based on the domain like:

[email protected]
[email protected]

If you are providing a service in your website, you need to purchase email accounts for your domain. But with Bigrock, your will get 2 free email accounts

There are many advantages of using Bigrock to register domains and purchase hosting. 

If you have any queries, just comment and let us know.

Purchase a domain or hosting now from Bigrock and get 28℅ off.

Click on this link and purchase your domain

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Friday, 28 April 2017

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How To Make Money With Truelancer- A Simple Guide

Wanna make money with Truelancer ?

Wanna try a new freelancing networks other than Upwork, Freelancer ?

Freelancing is one of the best way to make money online and it is really recommended for Bloggers to try freelancing for earning their monthly hosting, Internet and other expenses.

As a blogger, we have so many expenses every month. Some bloggers might have jobs to cover expenses. But, there are many student bloggers who don't have a job to cover the expenses of blogging. At the same time, they can't make money straight away from our blog. For those, freelancing is really good to earn a passive income.

But not only for covering expenses, there are many guys who make freelancing a full time business.

There are many freelancing networks to find part time gigs ( freelancing jobs are called as gigs ). Some of them are already filled out with many experts, so there is no room for beginners. That's why, we will need to find out a good and new freelancing network which has low number of experts, but paying on time for freelancers. That is Truelancer. In this blog post, I am going to tell you more about What is Truelancer and How to make money with Truelancer ?

What is Truelancer ?

Truelancer is a new freelance network which contain man freelance jobs to choose and make money online. There are no minimum hourly requirements to work. You can choose your working hours. You can even work on midnight. In one word, Truelancer is a great alternative for Freelancer and Upwork.

How to make money with Truelancer ?

1. Signup and fill out profile

To get started with Truelancer, Straight away go to their signup page and fill out the information and verify the email to access your dashboard.

After logging in, the first and main step is to fill out the profile to make you look like a professional freelancer.

Many Employers always hire Professional freelancers to complete their work. So it is better to complete your profile before bidding on projects.

To fill out profile :

1. Go to Truelancer dashboard

2. Click on the profile icon which is located on the top-right side of the dashboard.

3. Now full out basic information like Location, Country, Phone number etc.

4. Now fill out your bio. Be sure to fill out your bio completely to ensure that your profile looks like a professional Freelancer. Don't fill it out for the sake, Include each and every detail about you to make money with Truelancer.

2. Finding a Project

Freelancing starts with choosing the right project. The project you choose must be good, High paying, Easy ( Nothing is easy, But you can judge a project whether it is easy or hard by your skills, The more skills you have registered to the project, the more easier the project is )

To find projects:

1. Click on Find jobs and browse jobs

2. Surf all the projects and click on the project which you can capable of doing.

Never select a project in a rush, Because, It would hurt your ratings, If you are unable to finish the project in time. To get success in freelancing, you should select projects carefully.

3. Bid on a project

To start working and making money, you should bid on the project with your appropriate rates and details.

1. After choosing a project, click on that

2. Click on Send Proposal

Now add the details about " How can you finish the project "

For example, if you bid on a project named " Need articles on Seo ". Full out that " You have *** Years experience on Seo optimizing blog's and You have *** years experience on writing for blogs and add your style to the details.

Now click on Send .

Wait for sometime ( Sometimes 24 or 48 hours ) to get an approval or rejection from the employer.

Sometimes, employers may reject your bid. So be sure to bid correctly providing enough hope to the employer.

If you got an approval, You can contact him through the Truelancer messaging feature to get more details and start working on the project and you can easily make money with Truelancer.

Note: With a free plan of Truelancer, You can only send 20 proposals a month, If you reach the limit, You will have to wait for the next month.

Tips on Bidding

1. Only bid for the projects, you are capable of doing. If you have experience on Blogging and you bid on a project related to C , your game is over. So never bid for projects you don't have experience.

2. Before bidding on any project, read the description carefully. I have watched a project named " Need Seo articles ", But when I read the description, it is needed seo optimized articles about health and fitness.

3. Big on the projects which have more number of bids. It is very hard to shine between so many number of professionals. Employers never loves to hire beginners, They give first preference to the experts first.

Sell Services to make money

You can sell services in Truelancer marketplace and make money.

For exampe, If you have an already written article, you can sell that in the form of a service using Truelancer.

1. Click on Sell service from the dashboard

2. Input all the details about your service and add a price tag to your service.

If anyone is interested in buying your article or service, He will contact you and you can proceed further.

How you will get paid ?

The minimum payout of Truelancer is only RS. 500 and You can get paid via Direct bank transfer.

You will need some details about your bank account like Payee name, Account number, Bank Name, IFSC code, Swift code etc. To get paid by Truelancer. You can directly go to your bank branch and ask the bank manager about the details listed above.

Is Truelancer a Scam ?

Nope, Truelancer is not a scam and you can directly proceed to start bidding on projects and getting paid.


This is tutorial to maker money with Truelancer and you can easily make money freelancing. 
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Thursday, 27 April 2017

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Definitive Guide to Make Money with CJ Affiliate for beginners

Are you a beginner in affiliate marketing ?

Wanna make money with CJ affiliate program ?

In this blog post, I'm gonna write about " how to make money with CJ affiliate for beginners ". 

Affiliate marketing is really one of the best way to make money online. we can monetize any category blog using affiliate marketing. That's why I will recommend you to try affiliate marketing to monetize your blog. There are many affiliate programs in the industry. They pay really higher rates for everyone. But signing up and remembering login details for every affiliate program is very hard. Even through it is easy we can't manage each and every affiliate network and we will have to spend so much time on finding affiliate id's for each and every programme. But there is a solution to resolve this issue. 

The solution is CJ affiliate. CJ affiliate network is one of the oldest affiliate network in the industry. There are so many bloggers who are satisfied with CJ affiliate and it's rates. I am using CJ affiliate for more than one year and earned more than $100 with this network. 

I know that $100 isn't a huge thing. But for a small blogger like me, it is really hard to monetize my blog. That's why I have considered $100 a good income. In one word CJ affiliate is one of the best Adsense alternatives which pays higher for their publishers. First of all we will see what is CJ affiliate and How to make money with CJ affiliate for beginners

What is CJ affiliate ?

CJ dashboard

CJ affiliate network is a marketplace which contains thousands of products which you can easily promote and make money if you make  sale through the special link provided by the CJ affiliate. 

For example, If you have a blog which is based on hosting reviews, you can select a program which is related to web hosting and start promoting it on your blog to make money.

How to make money with CJ affiliate for beginners

Go to this link and directly sign up for CJ affiliate network. You will have to wait at least 24 hours to get a mail regarding approval or rejection. Generally, CJ foliage never rejects any blog, there are no traffic requirements for getting started with CJ affiliate. So small bloggers can easily make money with it.

I recommend you to fill out your profile carefully. Half filled profiles won't get an approval from some affiliate programs affiliated with CJ in the marketplace.

1. Analyze your blog's niche and choose products

Success or failure with affiliate marketing, depends on the products you choose. 

For example, if a tech blog started promoting a product related to groceries, it would be really annoying for the visitor's and hence, the blogger behind the tech blog can't be able to make any money.

Imagine as a visitor, what would you feel, if you watch a tech blog promoting products related to groceries. We won't get any interest to click on the ad.

In this guide to make money with CJ affiliate for beginners, it is really important to analyze what's your blog is about and what to promote.

Choosing a product isn't that much hard as CJ contain thousands of products in their marketplace. 

For example, if you write about Seo, blogging, WordPress, it is better to choose a product related to that. You can choose products like, Web hosting packages, Domain names, plugins, themes, seo tools to promote them in your blog.

2. Finding a product to promote and get affiliate links

1. Go to advertisers from the CJ dashboard and search for a product related to your blog or website.

How to make money with CJ affiliate for beginners

2. When you find a product click on sign which is located on the left side of the product.

3. A new pop-up appears asking you to read the terms of the program. Read the terms carefully ( it is a must you read terms as you cannot be able to proceed without reading them ). After reading, scrolling therms click on continue.

Wait for sometime to get an approval or rejection from the program. Because, the program owner will check out your profile before giving you an approval. That's why, I suggested you to fill out profile carefully.

3. After getting an approval, again go to advertisers tab from the dashboard and select, my advertisers from the filter located in the left side and click on go.

5. It will show you the list of your advertisers who approved you. 

You have two options:

1. Get products

2. Get links

Get products: For example, godaddy has two products Domain and hosting. If you got an approval from Godaddy, You can get affiliate links of birth domains and hosting packages. 

Get links: Get affiliate links of banners of respective program to promote it on your blog.

How to make money with CJ affiliate for beginners

To get links, click on the second icon which is located on the right side of the product.

get code

Click on the code icon which is located on the right side of banner

HTML affiliate  code

You will get HTML tags for the banners which contain your affiliate links. You can select the banners which makes looks more attractive.

6. Copy the HTML tag and paste in your blog.

If anyone make a sale through your banner, you will get paid.

So, this is the tutorial to make money with CJ affiliate for beginners. I named it for beginners because I have written it with step by step tutorial which makes it easier for beginners to make money from CJ.

How much you will get paid per sale ?

There are no specific rates for programs nor minimum rates. Some program pays as low as $5 and some pay as high as $80 per sale.

While selecting a product, it will show you " How much the product posts you per sale '. So check out the CPS (cost per sale ) before joining a program.

When will you get paid ?

The minimum payout of CJ affiliate is $100 and they pay via Check and direct bank transfer for their affiliates. The major disadvantage for CJ affiliate is " they don't support PayPal as a payment method.

Is CJ a scam ?

While writing a tutorial or review of any network, it is must to write whether they are legit or scam. Many affiliates have a doubt " is CJ a scam ?" 

The answer is no. CJ is not a scam. CJ was one of the oldest affiliate networks which was founded back in 1998. So it isn't a scam.

Wrapping up

So this is the step-by-step tutorial to make money with CJ affiliate for beginners. I am using CJ for a while and I recommend you to try it now. 

If you need some more tips on affiliate marketing, you should subscribe for us.
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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

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Eliminate Render Blocking Javascript In Blogger In 5 Minutes

Want to Eliminate Render blocking javascript in Blogger ?

Don't know, How to do it ?

When Google announced that Speed is now a ranking factor, many website owners just got a shock. They designed their websites in a way that looks perfect and awesome. They filled their blogs with many widgets, Plugins and some other special affects which uses Jquery and Javascript. Suddenly, all the website owners has to remove many gadgets and started redesigning their blogs for maximum speed. 

Google released a tool which helps website owners to check out their website speed score easily in seconds and that is page speed insights. Even though they redesigned their blogs, No one is able to rank 100/100 in Page speed test. When they checked out for reasons, there is an error called " Eliminate Render blocking javascript ". 

At the time, it is really frustrating. No one knows how to deal with that error. Again some experts found an answer for this thing. In this tutorial, we are going to tell you How to remove render blocking javascript files easily.

How to eliminate render blocking javascript in Blogger

1. Go to page speed insights and input your URL.

2. Click on the Remove render blocking files and it will show you some URL'S to JS files.

3. Copy one of the url . For example, http://www.example.com/example.js

4. Go to Blogger > template and click on edit HTML

5. Now search for the URL in your template.

6. You will find out a script containing the URL you searched for. 

For example, Page speed Insights gave you an URL " http://example.com/example.js, once you search for that, you will find this script

<Script src='http://example.com/example.js' type='text/javascript'/>

That means, your website is using external code to provide a function or effect. 

Now we will have to block it, Bit if you directly remove the script, your layout may be affected. So we wi have to keep this, but make it loads faster.

For that we have two ways. One is placing a " Differ " tag and the other one is placing an " Async " tag.

7. To add defer tag, you should do like this : 

<script src='http://example.com/example.js' differ='differ' type='text/javascript'/>

8. To add an Async tag, you should do like this : 

<script src='http://example.com/example.js' async='async' type='text/javascript'/>


What does an Differ tag do ?

The differ tag tells the script to load after the document on the webpage loads.
It will ask the code to wait till all the text and document loads in the webpage.

So a visitor, can see your content in 1 second and the other special effects provided by the script load after that.

You should add differ tags to the external JS files which add some more effects like Fade in and Fade out to improve the user experience. 

By adding differ tag to the external JS files, your visitor can easily read your content and within some seconds, all external files will load and thus resulting in blazing speed and nice effects

What does an Async tag do ?

Async tag tells the code to load along with the content. 

So, your content and effects provided by the JS file will load equally providing a great view for the visitor.

Async tag is very good for external CSS scripts. Because, If you add a differ tag to the CSS scripts, some of your gadgets will lose its shape color, Background color till all the content loads resulting in a very worst view and User experience for the visitor


I recommend you to eliminate render blocking javascript in Blogger as fast as you can. I have already added differ and async tags to so many external JS file to improve the speed of my blog and I am also trying to minify CSS code to improve my blog speed.

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

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Blogspot Seo Tips And Tutorial : Make Blogger Seo Friendly

Want some Blogspot Seo tips to make your blog search engine friendly ?

Wanna get some more traffic from search engines to your blogspot blog ?

Blogger is really one of the best blogging platforms available in the industry. Even though there are many free website builders like Weebly and Wix, Blogger is the most popular among them. Wordpress is the best platform of all, But it doesn't come out for free. That's why, We recommend beginners to use Blogger as their CMS ( content management system ). You can see this blog post about Wordpress versus Blogger, So you can decide which platform to go with.

By default, No platform is Seo optimized. Even though many say Wordpress is seo optimized by default, you should use an Seo plugin to make it really optimized for search engines. Yoast and All in one seo are the popular Seo plugins for Wordpress. Here is a tutorial, you can follow to Setup All in One seo plugin properly.

But Blogger blogs doesn't have the capability to have plugins. That's why, it is really difficult to make Blogger Seo friendly. But don't worry, We are here with the working Seo tips for Blogspot blogs.
Blogspot Seo tips

Blogspot Seo tips

1. Format Blog post titles

By default, The blog post titles of Blogger should look like :

Blog Name | Post%title

For example, If you written a blog post about Blogspot seo tips, and your blog name is Myblog. The title should look like this in search engines :

Myblog- Blogger Seo tips

Actually, The blog title is consuming so much space in the SERP's page.

We all know that, We should keep our blog post titles below than 65 characters. But in the first case, The blog title is already consuming 10 characters and If you are targeting a long tail keyword, It is almost impossible to show up the full long tail keyword in search engines.

To resolve this issue, We should use format post title code.

1. Go to template > Edit HTML

2. Search for the below code :


3. Replace the above code with the below code.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType==&quot;index&quot;'>

After replacing the code, your blog post titles should look like :

Your Blog post title- Your Blog Name

2. Meta tags

You can add a description to your blog homepage and blog posts to make Blogger seo friendly.

To add a meta description to your blog homepage :

1. Go to settings > search preferences

2. Click on edit on the description

3. Click on On, This will add a feature to add descriptions to your blog.

4. In a few words, Describe what your blog is about. Here, Few words refers to less than 120 characters.

To add meta descriptions to Blog post's :

1. Go to Posts and select a blog post to edit :

2. On the right sidebar of your blog post editing section, Click on Search Description

Post meta description

3. Write a description about your blog post and never forget to add your focus keyword in the meta description to make it more powerful for search engines.

3. Robots.txt

One of the main and most important Blogspot seo tips. Because, every blog needs a Robots.txt file to avoid indexing of a blog from bad search bots.

A robots.txt file is a file which contains information regarding allow or block a specific search engine to index our blog. Don't worry, you don't need to touch a single piece of code to add a robots.txt file to your blog. Here is a tutorial to add robots.txt file to your blog :

1. Go to settings > Search preferences

2. Click on edit on the robots.txt file which is located at the bottom the page.

3. Click on On

4. Go to a good robots.txt generator which can easily generate a robots file for your blog. Copy the text generated from the robots.txt generator.

Robots.txt For Blogspot

5. Paste it in the robots.txt section of your blog

4.Permalink optimization

We all know that optimization of permalinks is also a main part of On-page seo. Blogger's should take care of permalinks to rank higher on Google.

To optimize permalinks

1. Go to post Editor

2. While writing a new post, You can see a label called permalink in the right toolbar section

3. Click on permalink and edit the permalink to optimize it for search engines.

If you don't know, How to optimize permalinks, you should read my blog post on How to optimize permalinks for more traffic.


A sitemap is an XML file which contains the URL'S of all your blog posts. Your robots.txt contains the URL of your sitemap file. When a bot visits your blog, It will check out whether it is allowed or not by robots.txt and then it makes a decision whether to crawl your blog or not. If your robots.txt allows the bot to crawl your site, it will directly go to the sitemap of your blog and then gets the links of your blog posts and index them, If the blog post has no quality issues.

I am talking about these things, Because it is all about a sitemap file. If your blog contains no sitemap file, It would affect the indexing of your blog.

By default, Your blog comes with a sitemap file. So there is no need of extra configuration for your sitemap file. This is one of the Blogspot seo tips which comes by default and doesn't need any configuration.

6.Redirect Broken links

Blogger, by default, comes with a broken link redirector which gives you access to redirect all the broken links easily. This will make your blogger blog seo friendly and will improve your blog rankings and will further help in proper indexing of our blog's.

You can redirect broken links with this simple tutorial :

1. Go to settings > search preferences

2. Click on custom redirects

3. Click on add a new redirect

4. Paste your broken link URL in the first box.

5. Paste the URL which you want to show instead of the broken link.

7,Alt tags

You can optimize your blog images for search engines by adding an alt tag.

With Blogger, you can add alt tag to an image easily. All you need to do is click on a image and click on properties. A popup box appears asking you to input an alt tag.

Add alt tag for Blogger

Type a keyword about the images and the alt tag is added to your image. For example, If your image is about " Blogspot Seo tips ". You should input it as the alt tag.


These are the most important Blogspot Seo tips from our side. I already added all the above aspects to my blog and made by blog optimized for search engines like Google.

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